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Pure Chem PVT with its subsidiaries MB Exports, Solis Pharma and Western Enterprises is a 20 year old market leader in Industrial Chemical distribution including Fine Chemicals, Pharmaceutical, Agro-Biochemicals and the Oil & Gas Industry. We have great partnerships with manufacturers and other suppliers across India, Europe, Africa, South America and USA. We are committed to supply quality chemicals on time across the entire globe. We have established and maintained strong relationships that allow us to source the best quality chemical products available. And we are also at the forefront of technological innovation within the chemical industry. Pure Chem PVT prioritizes quality and safety for people and the environment. We are ISO 9001 and Kosher certified. We also provide specialty controlled chemicals by the DEA, and FDA under strict supervision, some of these products are not directly displayed on our website and are available on special orders only.

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