1-Tetralone 99% CAS 529-34-0

1-Tetralone CAS 529-34-0

is a colorless liquid, gradually dark or deep under light. It is dissolvable in organic solvents such as alcohol, benzene and not in water.

Molecular formula    C10H10O

Molar mass             146.19 g/mol

Density                   1.09 – 1.10 g/ml

Boiling point            255 – 257°C

Flash Point             110°C



Purity(HPLC):         ≥99%

Single impurity:      ≤0.5%

Water(K.F.):           ≤0.5%


As a pharmaceutical intermediate, e.g. for Contraceptive drugs and Warfarin, also can use as solvent and plastic-soften auxiliary.

Packag e  200kgs iron-drum or as request.