Buy Acetic Acid CAS 64-19-7

Glacial acetic acid(Acetic acid) CAS 64-19-7

 is colorless transparent liquid.Can limited miscible alcohol.


Appearance Colorless transparent liquid
Acetic acid content, % ≥99.50
Potassium permanganate test time ≥180.00
Crystallization point,℃ ≥15.60a
Evaporation residue, % ≤0.005
Heavy metals (as Pb), % ≤0.0002
Arsenic (As), % ≤0.0001
Free mineral acid test Meet the requirements
Color (Hazen), Pt-Co ≤20


1.Used for the synthesis of vinyl acetate, cellulose acetate, acetate, metal acetate and halogenated acetic acid. It is also an important raw material for pharmaceuticals, dyes, pesticides and organic synthesis.

2.In the food industry, it can used as an acidifier, flavoring agent and flavor


25kg/HDPE drum, 200kg/HDPE drum or 1000kg/IBC drum.