Buy Benzyl Methyl Ketone CAS 103-79-7

Buy Phenylacetone also with SYNONYMS: 1-Phenyl-2-propanone; 2-Propanone, 1-phenyl-; Phenyl-2-propanone; Methyl benzyl ketone; Fenproporex-M (desamino-oxo-); benzylmethylketon; 1-Phenylpropan-2-one; Phenylacetone; 3-Phenyl-2-propanone; a-Phenylacetone; Phenylmethyl methyl ketone; P2P; NSC 9827;1-PHENYLACETONE; 1-PHENYL-2-PROPANONE; BENZYL METHYL KETONE; PHENYLACETONE; PHENYL-2-PROPANONE; 1-phenyl-2-propanon; 1-phenyl-propan-2-one; 2-Propanone, 1-phenyl-;Phenylacetone.

Benzyl Methyl Ketone is a colorless solvent commonly known as P2P, BMK Oil, BMK Glycidate used in the production of methamphetamine and amphetamine. Phenylacetone can also be synthesized from APAAN(Alpha-phenylacetoacetonitrile)

Technical Information to Buy BMK Oil
Formal Name:1-phenyl-2-Propanone
CAS Number:103-79-7
Molecular Formula:C9H10O
Formula Weight:134.2
Formulation:A solution in methyl acetate
InChi Code
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DEA Schedule:II
Shipping & Storage Information
Shipping:Room Temperature in continental US; may vary elsewhere
Stability:≥ 1 year