Diphenylphosphoryl Azide CAS 26386-88-9

Diphenylphosphoryl azide CAS 26386-88-9 is Transparent slightly yellow liquid,mostly used for aromatics extraction, resin and dye in the reaction medium, acrylic polymerization, spinning solvent.


Appearance:                  Transparent slightly yellow liquid

Content (%):                 ≥98.0%

Benzene (%):                ≤0.1%

Chlorobenzene (%):       ≤0.3%

Diphenyl Sulfide(%):      ≤0.1%

Diphenyl Disulfide (%):  ≤0.3%

  1. Used in organic synthesis, pharmaceutical synthesis, and peptide compound synthesis;
  2. Used for tetraphenylporphyrin-cobalt-catalyzed aziridine olefinization;
  3. Also used as an activator for the preparation of macrolide and aldose reductase inhibitors;
  4. It is also an important organophosphorus reagent.
Packaging 200kg iron drum,total 16 MT per 20ft container.