Edible Flavor 4-Methylanisole CAS 104-93-8

4-Methylanisole CAS 104-93-8 is colorless transparent liquid, Soluble in 9 volume 70% ethanol or 3 volume 80% ethanol and oil flavor.


Appearance:                Colorless Transpanrent to pale yellow Liquid

Odor:                          With a little ether odour ,and fragrance of ylang ylang oil and violet

Density (25℃),g/cm³:  0.969

  1. This product is the edible flavor specified in GB2760-86 in China. It is mainly used to prepare nut flavors such as walnuts and hazelnuts. Also used to formulate artificial ylang, cananga, violet, daffodil and other flavors.
  2. Commonly used for baking food, soft candy, frozen dairy products.
Packaging 200kg iron drum,total 16MT per 20ft container.