Iodophor Disinfectant

An Iodophor is a preparation containing iodine complexed with a solubilizing agent, such as a surfactant or povidone (forming povidone-iodine). The result is a water-soluble material that releases free iodine when in solution. Iodophors are prepared by mixing iodine with the solubilizing agent; heat can be used to speed up the reaction.Iodophors consist of iodine complexed with a surfactant, which is frequently a poly(oxyalkylene) derived nonionic, or polyvinylpyrrolidone, and stability is usually retained in the presence of acids.

cas no 39392-86-4
molecular formula n. A.
molecular weight n. A.
description brown liquid
assay as iodine 1. 65 % min
*also available pure, pharma passing, lr, ar and acs grade