Red Phosphorus CAS: 7723-14-0

7723-14-0 Red phosphorus testing. Laboratory testing for CAS number 7723-14-0. Phosphorus;P;Phosphorus-30;Red phosphorus;White phosphorus Hazardous ingredients according to Regulation (EC) No 1272/2008. Component. Classification. Concentration. Red phosphorus. CAS-No. 7723-14-0.

Chemical Name:  Red phosphorus

Chemical Formula:  P

CAS Number:  7723-14-0

Synonyms:  Phosphorus;P;Phosphorus-30;Red phosphorus;White phosphorus;Phosphorous;Phosphorus, red;UN 1338;Hittorf’s phosphorus;Violet phosphorus

Appearance:  reddish-brown powder

Vapor Density:  4.7 (air = 1)

Water Solubility:  negligible

Stability:  Stable. Highly flammable. Incompatible with strong oxidizing agents, strong bases. Light and heat sensitive.

Molecular Weight:  30.973762

Alternate Names:  Phosphorus | P

Department:  Metals

Related Hazardous Material Name:  Phosphorus, amorphous.