Tris(2-Butoxyethyl) Phosphate TBEP CAS 78-51-3


Appearance                    Colorless or light yellow transparent liquid

Acid value(mgKOH/g)     ≤0.1

Chroma(APHA)               ≤50

Boiling pointºC               225

Burning pointºC             251

Flash pointºC                 223

Specific gravity              1.017-1.023 (20/25ºC)

Viscosity(20ºC)             12mPas

Moisture content%         Less than 0.2



This product is a flame retardant plasticizer, mainly used for the flame retardant and plasticizing of polyurethane rubber, cellulose, polyvinyl alcohol and so on.Plasticizer tbep is used as flame retardant plasticizer and processing aid for rubber, cellulose and resin.It can also be used in acrylonitrile rubber, cellulose acetate, epoxy resin, ethyl cellulose, polyvinyl acetate, thermoplastic and thermosetting polyurethane.


200kg/drum,20tons per 20 feet container.