1,2,4-Trimethylbenzene CAS 95-63-6


Product name                      1,2,4-trimethylbenzene

Synonyms:                          trimethyl-1,2,4benzene;uns-trimethylbenzene;

Appearance                          Clear colorless liquid

CAS No.                               95-63-6

EINECS No.                         202-436-9

Formula                              C9H12

Purity                                  98.5%min

Melting point                       -44 °C

Density                               0.876 g/mL

Refractive index                   n20/D 1.504(lit.)

Benzene                              0.6% max

Distillation Range                 161-168℃

Total sulfur                          5.0ppm max

Soluble                                Soluble in alcohol




1.It can be used to produce PVC plasticizer,trioctyl triphenylate,powder coating,insulation paint for heat resistance of motor.

2.I can be used to produce medicine(vitamin E),dyes and synthetic resins.

3.It can also be produce melatonin,homobenzene tetracaboxylic anhydride,water-soluble alkyd resin,unsaturated polyester resin,plasticizer,epoxyresin curing agent and surfactant.

Packing & storage  50kg/drum.20,000kg/per 20ft container.