Stannous Sulfate Tin(II) Sulfate CAS 7488-55-3

Product name:        Stannous sulfate, Tin(II) Sulfate

Chemical Formula:  SnSO4

CAS No.:                7488-55-3

MW:                       214.74

Melting point:         360°C



Content                                      99.0% min

Hcl Insolubility                               0.005% max

Chlorides                                                0.005% max

Iron                                                    0.005% max

Heavy Metals (Pb)                       0.02% max

Alkaline & Alkaline Earth Metals    0.10% max


Stannous Sulphate (SnSO4) is commonly used in acid tin plating baths, liquor finishing and drawing of steel wire. Stannous sulfate, Tin(II) Sulfate delivers a high current efficiency and smooth, fine grained deposits. A bright finish can be obtained by flow melting of through the use of certain additives.


25kg UN drums or 1000kg plastic bags.